Work With Pride - Diversity & Inclusion Conference 2021

Work With Pride is an integral part of the Cork LGBT+ Pride Festival. Cork Pride began facilitating site specific D&I training events at our key partners locations five years ago as part of our corporate partners bespoke suite of benefits, and these events have been hugely successful in creating social and business networking interactions. These D&I training sessions have suggested that there is an appetite to augment and amplify these talks into a conference, and to establish a network of Cork Pride Partners; the Cork Pride at Work D&I Conference is our response to this demonstrable need.  

The theme of this year’s Cork Pride LGBT+ festival and the conference is ‘Together Apart’ , and this year's conference will be presented fully virtual. 

The past year has been a period like no other in our lifetime; Together Apart is a demonstration of how we can maintain standing strong together, resilient as a community, through difficult and challenging times; whilst we’ve maintained this stance apart, virtually and spiritually, this will end and we will come together again. 

‘Together Apart’ will discuss and consider how while things may have changed, our charter to create positive change and dialogue around sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in the workplace has remained steadfast.

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Great Speakers

Our speakers will explore and highlight innovative approaches that can be replicated and amplified throughout the workplace and beyond, and will equip and inspire attendees to become agents of change in their own organisations


Meet, network and make new contacts with other Work With Pride conference atendees. You will also hear more about the Cork Pride B2B Pride Network being launched soon !

New People

We will cover an exciting and broad range of topics; share strategies and best practices that help create workplaces which are inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

Have Fun

Well like to let our hair down after a long day of challenging and discussing the status quo. Come join us for some virtual craic and meet a few new people along the way . So come on, register, what are you waiting for!

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